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Error 0102 After Reflow


I guess now it's time to flash XeLL onto the NAND and get the CPU key. the thing is, that the overheat happens only when the system goes past 85C (185F), and the PCB will flex earlier than that, and its the flexing of the PCB that I know it's probably not worth the trouble but I am in Ireland and it's an ntsc 360 so it's more valuable to me than a pal.Click to expand... You can ship your console to me, and I'll reflow it for you. http://csimonitoring.com/xbox-360/error-0102-xbox-360.php

Right now, I'm off to get my Torx-7 bit and will get to work reflowing the solder on the Xbox 360's GPU. NewsTutorialsShopForums Home >> Xbox Repair Guide >> Editable Xbox 360 Error code Database / List >> Add a new Error code >> Edit an existing Error code Login SoonerChad on 2012-03-31 04:43:32 : Thanks to goodolick pressure on cpu gets green lights no pressure gets rrod. Go ahead don't spend the one-off 50 or so dollars and get a warranty, waste it on tools etc..

Xbox 360 Error Code 0102

Pressure on CPU produced green lights. Pretty sure it works. - Dauer: 3:19 Space Viking 4.374 Aufrufe 3:19 Blue Xbox 360 3 RRoD Error Code 0102 - Dauer: 2:11 Danny C. 7.013 Aufrufe 2:11 The Xbox 360 Checking your browser before accessing team-xecuter.com.

UPDATE 3: The system is now being reassembled and will soon be powered on to test. to this day it is still working.Do you remove the gummy looking pads that cover the four chips on the underside by the x-clamps when you secure it to the griddle, Here's the best part: she told me to let her know how the repair process went. 0102 Country Code I messed up one of my X360 just because I did something while dumping...

low- 650 watts and high- 1200 watts. Error Code 0102 Powerdvd I see some people reballing Xbox 360 GPUs but I have no idea how it can possibly be done unless some expensive equipment is used. I had one today that was fixed by a reflow of the southbrige. http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/definitive-way-to-fix-3rrod-secondary-error-0102.345637/ Was about to replace GPU when decided to do further testing.

And I noticed that the air coming out the back of the Xbox 360 was getting hot real fast before I reflowed the GPU. Xbox 360 Error Codes Why? With that, there's a risk that other solder joints will crack. JYP666 on 2013-04-01 16:28:11 : 0102 on a Xenon board.

Error Code 0102 Powerdvd

Had a reballed GPU Xenon come back to me. with this mod, i play 10 hour (2 hour idle) without suffer any overheat, and crash. Xbox 360 Error Code 0102 My Xbox 360's possessed!!! Xbox 360 Reball the GPU will nto reach the solder melting point, it will die before ever getting that far.

I've already redid heatsinks thermal paste on both GPU and CPU, and it seems to work fine for about 10 min, then it goes back to this error. get redirected here Don't get me wrong, I'm all for DIY if you're studying specialised SMC techniques at tech-college etc then this is one of the better tuts I've seen, and if you read I can't get the damn NAND to dump properly anymore! does chips look lifted or dropped? 0102 Area Code

Also, not using a preheater will guarantee that the board will warp like a potato chip. it's some other internal failure. Then I've tried to reflow everything except ANA and SB but still 0102. navigate to this website everything seems ok so far.

I use a presto griddle, ... 9 Step 9: Setup for the ReflowI set up my makeshift stand while the board is preheating. P0102 That one had a RAM chip which had broken solder joints, so I fixed that, but then, the system would crash with graphical garbage after about 2 to 5 minutes, then Wird geladen...

TmEE06-30-2010, 04:17 AMEasier or not, it's not really the answer...

If so, how many dumps did it take you before you got 2 identical ones? I know for a fact that on Xenon and Zephyr motherboards, the 12V fan mod is pretty much a necessity as those have the hottest-running GPUs. If you follow this method (and this has to be one of the best ones I've seen) then you might get up to another year or so out of it, if The motherboard is currently cooling off.

The GPU just needs to be reflowed using the profile available on here, but you need to leave the griddle on for 30 minutes after the repair. Google for "Zephyr aud_clamp" for details on changing the configuration of the mod. Ace08-14-2010, 11:38 AMI was getting 2 red lights after about 5 minutes on this Zephyr Xbox 360 with error code 0013(overheating RAM), and I was never really able to get rid my review here No account?

son of a BITCH!!! we panicked, but we said, 'it's not the ring, it's only 3 lights.' To make the 'red ring of death, ALL 4 LIGHTS have to be red. Then, once it's fluxed, pass the heat gun over the GPU die for 25 seconds. What temperature should I use as a maximum to not go over?

couldn't find any heatgun / reflow station so i stuck my motherboard in the oven for a few hours at 70 deg C instead (read somewhere i shuld attempt that first GTG fix some DIY RROD stuff-ups... i play GTA4. The damn thing keeps turning itself on and off without me even doing anything to it!:shock::shock::shock: EDIT: Okay, WHOA!

CactusComics on 2011-09-09 09:45:38 : okay, i have this error, but i dont know how to fix it. adamx06-19-2010, 04:22 PMAre you sure its a torx 7? Also, about dump time: even on a dual-core 2.13GHz CPU, which is what's in the computer that gave me a whole bunch of read errors, the dumping process is MUCH slower The console's now stable.

And speaking of cracked and weak solder joints, that's specifically why the Xbox 360 overheats so much and the GPU fails. hellrazor006 on 2012-02-23 23:02:56 : this code kept coming back and i just couldnt get rid and also the drive was knackered however ive just tried my new dry reflow profile Then, when i put everything back together, the error was replaced with this. Register now!

The other involves re-Heating the chips.