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The five sections of the error report are explained below: The first section tells you when (date and time) your email was received by the mail system. " The original message skashmeri commented Sep 10, 2014 posted above... require '../PHPMailer-master/PHPMailerAutoload.php'; $mail = new PHPMailer(true); //defaults to using php "mail()"; the true param means it will throw exceptions on errors, which we need to catch $mail->IsSMTP(); $mail->Host = "xxxxx"; $mail->Port some will get sent, some will bounce. http://csimonitoring.com/fatal-error/email-fatal-error.php

Please try the request again. If they bounce google's system is triggered to respond to the email address it was sent from, which in this case is yours. How can I know why the email is returned in the mailer-daemon error report itself? Only then, if it doesn't succeed, it will give up and notify you of the delivery failure. https://home.ictp.it/icts/faq/email_bounced.html

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Xfinity © 2016 Comcast Site Map Privacy Policy Terms of Service Contact Us Comcast Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of thank you, sorry I didnt figure out I needed the try/catch in there... Such error messages are using codes like 4.X.X, where X.X are used in order to give more precise information about the error; 5 means there is a permanent/fatal error related to skashmeri commented Sep 10, 2014 ok off to test...

user unknown   2. Informer Articles © Copyright 2016 Info Link Inc. Advertisement Ad Info Ad Feedback XFINITY Sign In Email or username Password Stay signed in. Deferred: Connection refused by smtp.cs.princeton.edu. Cmake Message Fatal Error PHPMailer member Synchro commented Sep 10, 2014 There's a property called $Version near the top of the PHPMailer class file.

Quick bill pay Why Stay Signed In? Returned mail: see transcript for details The original message was received at Mon, 9 Oct 2006 12:22:19 -0500 from smtp.cs.princeton.edu [] ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- Legal Information :: Privacy Policy :: About Us :: SiteMap Skip to main content Department of Computer Science Computing Guide Search form Main menuHome Getting Started @ CS An automated error report from the email delivery system ([email protected]) indicates that there has been a problem in delivering your email to its destination.

Warning: could not send message for past 14 hours   Problem: A mail server (either a CS mail server or an external mail server like AOL, microsoft.com, etc) involved with the Fatal Error Uncaught Exception Exception With Message They will pick a common domain, like google.com and send to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc.. All rights reserved Shopping cart | Forum | Contact How can we help you? Walk-ins daily: 9:00 a.m.

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user unknown 550 ... https://csguide.cs.princeton.edu/email/errors There is no need to include the original message that you have written, but you must include the diagnostic information! Fatal Error Message Windows 7 skashmeri commented Sep 10, 2014 sorry but how do I see the version? Fatal Error Message On Website Here is the error: 10-Sep-2014 03:33:39 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'phpmailerException' with message 'SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: [email protected]' in /.../.../.../public/PHPMailer-master/class.phpmailer.php:1243 Is there any way to suppress this

The first digit gives the status of the email message: 2 means the email was succesfully sent; 4 means there was a temporary problem while sending the email (your email server this content You also don't say how you're doing the sending to multiple addresses - lots of recipients in $To? while talking to smtp.cs.princeton.edu.: >>> RCPT To: <<< 550 ... The (client) address that was undeliverable is listed in the section labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors-----." "The reason your mail is being returned to you is listed Wwe Network Fatal Error Message

Can't create output This happens rarely and indicates that the mail server on the receiving side cannot receive any more messages because its hard disk is filled up. This is what I got... The most common cause for receiving a mailer-daemon message is an incorrectly addressed email. weblink Making this wait for other addresses to send was added fairly recently (#139), and the line numbers in that stack trace don't line up with current.

Request for linux installation on laptop Before Your Visit ICTP User Guide How to... Fatal Error Uncaught Exception Pdoexception With Message When considering an AOL email address in particular, the screen name is the part of the email address that appears before the @ symbol, i.e., [email protected] Returned mail: user unknown The original message was received at Mon, 9 Oct 2006 12:22:19 -0500 from smtp.cs.princeton.edu [] ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- --- The

Open spam relay ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ...

The host/domain part might be okay, but there is no user abcxyz. Did you find this information helpful?YesNoJun 1, 2016 Print Images OffImages On Change Text Size©2016 AOL Inc. Message could not be delivered for 5 days Message will be deleted from queue   1. Fatal Error Uncaught Exception Com_exception With Message Service unavailable"" The mail server on the receiving side doesn't accept e-mail from your mail server, because it is on a black list.

The spammers get your email addresses from infected computers that have them stored in their address books and then they spoof your email addresses.  The other reason could be that someone skashmeri commented Sep 10, 2014 ok so something like the change I made to the above code? Every time when your email can not be delivered, the SMTP server sends you a notification, which includes a standard error message, associated with the real problem. check over here costiera 11 - I-34151 Trieste, Italy - phone: +39 040 2240111 fax: +39 040 224163 -- © 2004 - www.ictp.it (since march 1994) This site conforms to the following standards: ERROR

If you need help, contact the consultants in ICTP Leonardo Building, room 2, ext. 353 or 358, e-mail '[email protected]'. PHPMailer member Synchro commented Sep 10, 2014 Well how about you catch the exception and continue? Personal tools Log in Document Actions Why did my e-mail bounce back? Request Forms CS Undergrad Account Host Management (add/edit/delete) Disk Quota Increase Mailing List Database Project Disk Space Project Web Space Restore Files Data Port Activation or Change Princeton University Links Princeton

Sometimes it's the recipient's fault if a message bounces back to the sender, namely when he or she has installed an erroneous .forward file, which redirects incoming mail to a misspelled Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. GROUP: 1 0: $mail->addBCC([email protected], NotValid Name); 1: $mail->addBCC([email protected], Valid Name); SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: [email protected] PHPMailer member Synchro commented Sep 10, 2014 Code certainly looks ok. Create one Don't want to sign in?

to 4:00 p.m. FTP Client Setup - Settings for your Info Link FTP Client. Why did I receive an email from “[email protected]”? so loop addBCC add email stuff foreach ($bccz as $bcc) { $i++; echo '

GROUP: '.$i.'

'; while (list($key, $value) = each($bcc)) { //echo $key . ':' . $value['email'] . '

This also means that it doesn't make sense that you send another copy of this message as long as you haven't been notified of the definitive failure. After travelling back and forth several times the mail server becomes suspicious and returns the mail to the sender. GROUP: 1 SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: [email protected] GROUP: 2 message sent hurray! Limiting Auto Login Comcast does not control Facebook's "Keep me logged in" feature.

Please forward the error message to your system administrator who will have to: Look at http://www.mail-abuse.org/rss where he/she will find instructions to reconfigure the mail server in a way that protects Facebook Email as Comcast Alternate Email If you have not provided Comcast with an alternate contact e-mail address for your Comcast account, Comcast will add the e-mail that you use to Facebook Connect and Privacy Your Privacy is a Priority Facebook Connect allows you to use your Facebook credentials to login to certain portions of XFINITY TV and XFINITY.com. myfile in DOS Please note that a copy of every message you send is saved in your sent-mail folder.

skashmeri commented Sep 10, 2014 public $Version = '5.2.8'; Is it the way Im calling it? nowhere else... That change was included in the 5.2.8 release. Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ...