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PRIMARY AREA is required. InvalidInstanceID.Malformed The specified instance ID is malformed. W2680 EIP MAKE WHOLE A teacher is being reported with more than one segment with zero students in the day. RESIDENT STATUS CODE must = '2'. Check This Out

He posted it on the forum, but if you can program the TSSM to "Sidecar" mode, it's a better fix. __________________ What you have just read is my opinion. Your cache administrator is webmaster. If we use the information you provide or post your comments on the official Productivity CPU Web Site or any other publication, we will send you a small gift as a E3085 REPORT TYPE REPORT TYPE is not valid.

Ethernet Ip Service Codes

InvalidVolumeID.ZoneMismatch The specified volume and instance are in different Availability Zones. E101 PROGRAM CODE, GRADE LEVEL GRADE LEVEL = '09', '10', '11', or '12', PROGRAM CODES = 'A', 'B', 'C', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H', and '9' are not valid. Error Code Input Field(s) Error Message F T E F I N C P I S R E599 EVENT DATE The EVENT DATE cannot be greater than the current date nor There were no EIP students reported in the current FTE collection.

Having a problem logging in? E3079 SYSTEM ID, STUDENT ID, WITHDRAWAL CODE Student was reported withdrawn from more than one school within the district with a WITHDRAWAL REASON = 'G'. E2570 DIPLOMA TYPE, WITHDRAWAL CODE, WITHDRAWAL DATE, STUDENT STATUS DIPLOMA TYPE, WITHDRAWAL REASON, and WITHDRAWAL DATE must be blank if STUDENT STATUS = 'N' or 'R'. Cip Message Format InvalidKeyPair.NotFound The specified key pair name does not exist.

Do not reuse a client token with different requests, unless the requests are identical.IncompleteSignatureThe request signature does not conform to AWS standards.InvalidActionThe action or operation requested is not valid. Ensure that you specify the region in which the network interface is located, if it's not in the default region.InvalidOption.ConflictA VPN connection between the virtual private gateway and the customer gateway Only Class 1 and Class 3 classes are supported in the Productivity Suite CPU. 0x01 0x011D Production Trigger Not Supported The Production Trigger requested in the Forward Open is not supported. E2582 PRESENT PRIOR TEN DAYS PRESENT PRIOR TEN DAYS set to N for all students in school.

E520 SUPPLEMENTAL SPEECH SEGMENT (N), REPORT TYPE REPORT TYPE = 'R', SUPPLEMENTAL SPEECH SEGMENT must = 'N', BLANK, or null. Ethernet/ip Class/instance/attribute For more information, see Eventual Consistency.Use a sleep interval between request rates: Amazon EC2 API requests are throttled to help maintain the performance of the service. To request an increase on your network ACL limit, complete the Amazon VPC Limits form. E6115 SPED ENVIRONMENT; ALL SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES SPECIAL ED ENVIRONMENT = '0' or 'J', ALL SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES must be 'S' or 'N' E702 PROGRAM CODE, SUPPLEMENTAL SPEECH

Ethernet/ip Example Code Reference Guide

Your input is very important to us! http://www.aboutplcs.com/p3000/software/help/260.htm E1103 GTID; SCHOOL CODE GTID is in input file more than once from the same SCHOOL CODE. Ethernet Ip Service Codes E049 STUDENT ID All full-time students reported as active in Student Record from prior FISCAL YEAR must be reported in FTE 2017-1. Cip Service Codes E5703 TEST ID, SCHOOL CODE No EOCT data uploaded for school with GRADE LEVEL='09' - '12'.

RulesPerSecurityGroupLimitExceeded You've reached the limit on the number of rules that you can add to a security group. http://csimonitoring.com/error-codes/edir-error-codes.php E086 DATE OF BIRTH, PRIMARY AREA PRIMARY AREA = '8' must have DATE OF BIRTH such that the student is less than 10 years old as of September 1. It's the bank angle sensor in the tssm. E5350 PROGRAM CODE PROGRAM CODE = '6' and '7' only valid when GRADE LEVEL = '11' or '12'. Cip Error Codes

If 'O' represents other EIP models, then Total Students should equal Total EIP Students. Ensure that you indicate the exact CIDR range for the route in the request. E2571 GENDER, SCHOOL ID, STUDENT ID GTID is being reported in another school in the SYSTEM with a different GENDER code. this contact form Must be blank for all other test IDs.

InvalidVolumeID.MalformedThe specified volume ID is not valid. Ethernet/ip Specification The Productivity Suite CPU does not return this error and uses the following error codes instead: 0x0129 or 0x012F. 0x01 0x0119 Non-listen Only Connection Not Opened This error code is returned Are you new to LinuxQuestions.org?

E714 GRADE LEVEL If Test ID = 12, grade level must equal '07', '08', '09', '10', '11', '12'.

E299 STUDENT STATUS; RESIDENT STATUS RESIDENT STATUS CODE = '7', STUDENT STATUS cannot = 'R'. W102 PROGRAM CODE; GRADE LEVEL (EDIT NO LONGER VALID) W110 PROGRAM CODE, STATUS PROGRAM CODE not valid for withdrawn student. Gateway.NotAttached An Internet gateway is not attached to a VPC. Ethernet Ip Class 1 Connection Ensure that you specify the region in which the customer gateway is located, if it's not in the default region.

If you are performing a DescribeSnapshots request, you must specify a valid value for the owner or restorableBy parameters. E1018 RECORD TYPE RECORD TYPE must equal Pnn where nn is from 01-75 E102 PROGRAM CODE, REPORT TYPE PROGRAM CODE not valid for REPORT TYPE = 'R' Try again and submit fewer large Describe requests over longer intervals. navigate here The allowed block size is between a /28 netmask and /16 netmask.

If you are associating an Elastic IP address with a network interface, ensure that the instance that the interface is attached to is not in the 'pending' state. If PROGRAM CODE is 'M', then FISCAL AGENT is required. InvalidAMIID.Unavailable The specified AMI has been deregistered and is no longer available, or is not in a state from which you can launch an instance.InvalidAMIName.DuplicateThe specified AMI name is already in E278 ENVIRONMENT CODE ENVIRONMENT CODE is not valid.

I really appreciate each of your quick responses! Password New User? For more information, see Eventual Consistency.InvalidInstanceID.NotLinkableThe specified instance cannot be linked to the specified VPC. Check your credentials: Ensure that you provide your access keys when you are making requests; that you have entered the credentials correctly; and, if you have more than one account, that

Ensure that you specify the region in which the placement group is located, if it's not in the default region.InvalidPolicyDocumentThe specified policy document is not a valid JSON policy document. WITHDRAWAL REASON must = 'J' or 'T'. This can happen for example if the value of the EIP saved on the stack was altered and the exception was thrown returning from a subroutine because the value popped off This error can occur because the ID of a recently created security group has not propagated through the system.

E1687 GTID The GTID has been reported in Student Class/Class Size, but the GTID is not being reported for FTE. Check the documentation of the manufacturer's device to verify the correct Connection size required by the device. Ensure that you have supplied all the required parameters for the request; for example, the resource ID.OptInRequiredYou are not authorized to use the requested service. Error Code Input Field(s) Error Message F T E F I N C P I S R E536 PROGRAM CODE NO LONGER VALID -- Student is registered for virtual school program,

If you need additional instances, complete the Amazon EC2 Instance Request Form.InsufficientFreeAddressesInSubnetThe specified subnet does not contain enough free private IP addresses to fulfill your request. E715 TEST ID TEST ID missing or not valid. Only Fixed is supported in the Productivity Suite CPU. 0x01 0x0120 Invalid Target to Originator Network Connection Fixed/Variable Flag The Target to Originator fixed/variable flag specified in the Forward Open is Honda Grom Forum strong>Kawasaki Z125 Forum Harley Davidson Forum Honda 600RR Forum Kawasaki Forum Yamaha R6 Forum Yamaha FZ-09 Forum 1199 Panigale Forum Honda Africa Twin Forum Roadglide Forum Honda CBR1000

You can only attach an Amazon EBS volume to an instance if they are in the same Availability Zone.InvalidVpcEndpointId.MalformedThe specified VPC endpoint ID is malformed. Must be 'Y' or 'N' for report type S. For Student Record, COURSE SECTION is required in all course records for students in grades KK-12. E724 STUDENT ID STUDENT ID must be unique within a DISTRICT unless TEST ID is for EOC.