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Edirectory Installation Error


If a service already loaded on the host server (before eDirectory was installed) uses port 636, you must specify another port. You will need to select the login methods you want to install. Platform Command Packages Linux novell-NOVLsubag-8.8.8-x.x86_64.rpm nici64-2.7.7-x.x.x86_64.rpm NOTE:For more information on installing 64-bit NICI, refer to the Installing NICI. There are corresponding on/off parameters for each of these configurations.

Server Container: Any server added to a tree has a server object containing all the configuration details specific to the server. Depending on the setup mode you have mentioned, use either of the following commands: NOTE:The nopleasewait option used in the commands ensures that the status window for installation, upgrade, or configuration This enables the Janitor thread to immediately release the DIB lock after processing the ACLs from a partition. DataDir: Until eDirectory version 8.8, the DIB was installed inside the NDS location as a subfolder.

Edirectory Error Codes

For more information, see TID 7016009 or TID 7016010. 8.2 Upgrade Issues eDirectory Upgrade Fails with an Error Instrumentation Upgrade Issues While Upgrading eDirectory eDirectory Upgrade Fails with an Error The When editing the response.ni file, ensure that there are no blank spaces between the key and the values along with the equals sign ("=") in each key-value pair. Unable To Configure Or Start eDirectory On SLES and RHEL Platforms When IPV6 Is Disabled Issue: You cannot configure eDirectory or start an already configured eDirectory on SLES and RHEL platforms full: Performs both installation and configuration of eDirectory.

Passwords Stored in ndspassstore Do Not Work after Upgrade Issue: After upgrading eDirectory to version 9.0, the passwords stored in ndspassstore do not work. All operations in the tree will be performed as this user. Fix: This issue is fixed. This location is used by the Installer while copying files to the install location, and the other location is used by the components to refer to the base eDirectory installation while

In order to handle this, the first server that eDirectory 8.8 is installed into must have supervisor rights to [Root] to extend the schema. To work around this error, use a text editor to comment out the following line in the /etc/ld.so.conf.d/novell-NDSbase.conf file and then run ldconfig: /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64 After commenting out the line and running These details in the profile database are compiled into a .db file that is delivered in the eDirectory release. [Novell:NOVELL_ROOT:1.0.0] File Copy Tag: This tag contains keys for display settings that Servers will not be able to install new servers into the tree or issue new certificates until you fix the Certificate Authority and recreate or repair the CA servers certificates.To create/repair

If the system root is F:/Windows/system32 then this file is present in F:/Windows/system32/novell/nici. Continue the upgrade from file copying stage. 2.1.9 Issue with eDirectory and YUM If you install eDirectory 8.8 SP6 or later on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server with the YUM Non-Root User is Not Supported on RHEL 7 Platform Issue: RHEL 7 does not allow starting services for a non-root user. NMAS Ignores Validation for Some Characters in Passwords Issue: NMAS does not correctly recognize a password with uppercase or lowercase characters and characters exceeding the 0x7f hexadecimal number. (Bug 944055) Fix:

Novell Error Code C000000f

For more information, see Monitoring eDirectory in the NetIQ eDirectory Administration Guide. https://www.netiq.com/documentation/edir88/edir88tshoot/data/brtcd93.html By using this common interface, you can monitor the status of eDirectory modules and operations. Edirectory Error Codes IMPORTANT:Make sure that the HTTP stack ports you set during the eDirectory installation are different than the HTTP stack ports you have used or will use for NetIQ iManager. Error Novell Edirectory The installation program checks for the following components before it installs eDirectory.

If you are installing into an existing tree, specify the Tree name, Server object context, and Admin name and password of the existing tree. To work around this problem, do the following: Remove the NICIFK file. For information about using Limber, see the NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Administration Guide. EBA Is Not Functional After Renaming an eDirectory Tree Issue: Renaming a tree after installing eDirectory and configuring an EBA-enabled server on the tree leaves EBA non-functional.

Please try starting it manually... Simple Bind With No password Is Considered As Anonymous Bind Issue: eDirectory treats simple bind with no password as anonymous bind. Click Finish to complete the eDirectory installation. There are no manual steps required to update the version of Java.

For more information about this workaround, see TID 7011659. For example, These changes may be incorporated in new editions of this document.

A connection to port 636 automatically instantiates a handshake.

If a component is missing or is an incorrect version, the installation program automatically launches an installation for that component. This password will be configured to the Administrator object during primary server installations. If you upgrade the DIB for all the active instances one by one, it runs the ndsconfig upgrade command separately for each instance. Scenario: Port 636 Is Already Used: Your server is running Active Directory.

Click Install. Installing eDirectory Stops SNMP SNMP stops working after installing eDirectory and displays the following error message: SNMP subagent error -672 To workaround this issue, perform the following steps: Install and configure You can ignore these messages. 6.7.6 Compiling edir.mib The eDirectory MIB file (\snmp\edir.mib) on Windows compiles with some errors and warnings on HP OpenView. This significantly improves the replication performance.

If you install eDirectory 8.8 on a machine already containing the Novell Client, eDirectory will use the existing Client, or update it if it is not the latest version. Government rights, patent policy, and FIPS compliance, see https://www.netiq.com/company/legal/. DisplayLanguage: This key is in the [Initialization] section. Error description no such attribute. -603NDSIInstallDSProduct: Returning -603 Resolution Since the error is reported while creating the SAS/Certificate objects the issue points to the CA.Verify the CA server is up, ndsd

During installation, if the Tree Name Not Found error message is displayed, do the following: Check whether multicast routing is enabled on the Solaris host that you are installing the product Specify whether to configure the SecretStore module. The Require TLS for Simple Bind with Password discourages users from sending observable passwords. For information about NetIQ trademarks, see http://www.netiq.com/company/legal/. 2.5 Upgrading eDirectory When upgrading eDirectory, you can use one of the following upgrade paths: Upgrade from an existing 32-bit version to a new

IMPORTANT:eDirectory 9.0 does not support Identity Manager 4.5.x. 1.5 Supported Upgrade Paths To upgrade to eDirectory 9.0, you need to be either on eDirectory 8.8 or higher. If you are not certain that port 389 or 636 is assigned to the NetIQ LDAP server, run the ICE utility. Click Clear All if you want to clear all selections. Section 8.1, Installation and Configuration Issues Section 8.2, Upgrade Issues Section 8.3, DHost Crashes When the Admin Logs Off Section 8.4, Issue while Invoking NDS Utilities Section 8.5, Localization Issues Section

If this setting is disabled (that is, not checked), users are unaware that others can observe their passwords. LDAP, TCP, and TLS Ports Issue with Large DIBs When the DIB is large, the DS takes time to come up and wrongly displays the following errors: LDAP TCP Port is Port 636, the Industry-Standard Secure Port The connection through port 636 is encrypted.