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Ebay Api Error Codes

error.parameter Conditional This optional element carries a list of context-specific error variables that indicate details about the error


Long error: Your listing can't be ended early if there are bids on the item, the reserve prices has been met, or the listing ends in 12 hours or less. 302 Type that uses SeverityCodeType: ErrorType Calls that use one or more values of SeverityCodeType: AddDispute, AddDisputeResponse, AddFixedPriceItem, AddItem, AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplate, AddItems, AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner, AddMemberMessageRTQ, AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidder, AddOrder, AddSecondChanceItem, AddSellingManagerInventoryFolder, AddSellingManagerProduct, AddSellingManagerTemplate, AddToItemDescription, AddToWatchList, AddTransactionConfirmationItem, In these cases, we return a list of errors in the response message payload. See the Compatible Application Check section of the eBay Features Guide for more information. Source

Long error: No time window specified. 523 Serious Error Short error: Invalid error language. Long error: The auction currency specified does not match the auction currency for the selected site. 96 Serious Error Short error: Contradictory shipping terms. Unable to obtain feedback for the user. 60 Serious Error Short error: You must be a member of eBay for more than five days to leave feedback for any user. The problem must be corrected before the request can be resent.

Ebay Error Code 80000

Long error: No XML entity was found in the XML request. 14 Serious Error Short error: No entity. Long error: You have not supplied an image for the Gallery. 41 Serious Error Short error: Error needs to be translated into API error. Error 10007 ("Internal error to the application") indicates an error on the eBay server side, not an error in your application. Sorry, you can only request information for current users. 33 Serious Error Short error: User not found.

Long error: In order to sell items using the Dutch auction format, please check the listing site requirements for a Dutch auction. 287 Serious Error Short error: Buy It Now cannot When it comes to non-payment of eBay fees, reinstating your account is simple. Long error: Sorry, but an invoice does not exist for the period you requested. Ebay Error Code 70020 Long error: The account for userid "replaceable_value" specified in this request is not confirmed or is suspended.

Retry: Do not retry until you have confirmed that the input arguments and request are valid. ASIN Grabber Tool Common Problems and Solutions Error Codes for Automatic Ordering General Info about the eBay Listings Page FAQ FAQ Search Category: eBay Error Codes /Feeds / Feeds Issues / You can try listing items manually and add Zinc tags: http://support.priceyak.com/hc/en-us/articles/202669769-Zinc-Tags   Error: eBay Error [120] : You need to create a seller's account. useful reference Long error: Invalid value for counter style.

Go to PayPal to upgrade or turn off the immediate payment requirement for this listing. 837 Serious Error Short error: Ineligible immediate payment Category. Ebay Error Code 601 Long error: The value in Application Data is limited to 32 characters. 350 Serious Error Short error: End Time To should be equal to or greater than End Time From. Long error: The item currency selected is no longer valid. Choose a different category or select a new payment method. 838 Warning Short error: Ineligible immediate payment SellingFormat.

Ebay Error Code 80801

If the error persists, contact Developer Technical Support. https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/Reference/ebay/types/SeverityCodeType.html You can isolate the error by going to the eBay Sell Your Item page, filling in values for all fields, and then looking for those fields that eBay flags as incorrect Ebay Error Code 80000 When such a state is detected, the error code could be passed to the error-handling module and used in a decision branch construct to take a special action unique to a Ebay Error Code 80016 Long error: The reserve price seems to be too large to be legitimate. 76 Serious Error Short error: Error in start price.

See Errors by Number for the latest list of all possible error codes and messages that can be returned. http://csimonitoring.com/error-code/ebay-api-error-code-37.php Long error: eBay String exception occurred. 251 Serious Error Short error: eBay Structured Exception. Long error: You have sent a value in the (or ) tag, please send the value in the (or ) tag. 340 Serious Error Short error: Invalid page number. Maximum of {25} countries are allowed. 90 ERROR Invalid custom category ID. 91 ERROR Invalid region of origin ID. 92 ERROR Invalid trust provider ID. 93 ERROR Invalid social value ID. Ebay Error Code 70049

Long error: Invalid , combination. 449 Serious Error Short error: Shipping costs, tax, insurance, , not allowed. All rights reserved. You will need to search and delete these characters from any text that is included in any component of your ads, i.e. http://csimonitoring.com/error-code/ebay-error-3110.php Long error: Sorry, but you cannot list a real estate item at fixed price. 311 Serious Error Short error: No shipping payment selected.

eBay supports the following types of images only – JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIF. 11012Because you specified a preference to offer PayPal on all listings, PayPal has been added as Ebay Error Code 8000 The error type indicates what sort of action the application, the developer, or the end-user needs to take in response to the error.

The version number in the heading (which For example, if AddItemCall is used to list an item and no starting price is specified, an API error would result.

For example, The query must have at least one keyword or category. error.parameter Conditional This optional element carries a list of context-specific error variables that indicate details about the error

Long error: Please provide a weight between 0 and 70 pounds. 741 Serious Error Short error: Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes can only be used with Priority Mail. Long error: The escrow option you have entered is invalid. 153 Serious Error Short error: Region missing. Long error: The ship to a country and regions option was selected but no region was selected. 99 Serious Error Short error: You cannot select eBay Payments. Ebay Error Code 70205 When a serious application-level error occurs, the error is returned instead of the business data.

Warning The request was processed successfully, but something occurred that may affect your application or the user. Long error: Immediate payment category ID is missing, please provide a valid one. 847 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment selling format missing. Long error: Buy It Now price may not exceed replaceable_value for items that require immediate payment. Check This Out For information about Properties of an ErrorType object see ErrorType in the Trading API.

Long error: Errors in Input Data.Please try again. 401 Serious Error Short error: Please enter this information. Long error: Your next bid amount will exceed or equal the Buy It Now price. Long error: The value supplied in tag does not match number of pictures in picture URL. 231 Serious Error Short error: Item not found. Long error: The package weight is not valid or is missing.

This error type is indicated in error result sets by the value returned in the ErrorClass return field. For example, to list a Buy It Now item, you must have earned a minimum feedback score. Long error: Invalid payment type "replaceable_value" for tag name "replaceable_value". 869 Serious Error Short error: Invalid value. Long error: You must enter a title for your item. 70 Serious Error Short error: Title too long.

To view recent account activity, please use the Account Status option. 339 Serious Error Short error: Please specify tax state. Long error: Invalid value "replaceable_value" for tag name "replaceable_value". 870 Serious Error Short error: Duplicate API call. Long error: You need to specify the tax state. 419 Serious Error Short error: Error in tax. Read More → 12 More Entries → Popular Articles Import from Magento SOAP API Adding a Feed Import Sources Import via FTP Mapping Fields Import from Shopify Merge Files Import with