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September 11, 2003 A reader named Dorian describes another problem with the recent Office X 10.1.5 update: On a PowerBook 400 Ti, after going thru all the updaters, nothing but Word Sometimes, I've noticed that the authentication problem is worse when moving Entourage from Offline mode back to Online. Putting an image on top of it, then going back and changing the background to the green marble background included with PowerPoint. A reader posting at the O'Reilly web site describes how to move Outlook for Windows email messages to Entourage. this content

I can't say for sure that this will resolve your readers' issues that occurred following the update but trashing the user preferences and this specific folder may be worth a try. August 18, 2003 Don Crowell also has a Word problem: I installed the update, and now I can't get Word to open. Released on September 3, 2003, the Microsoft Office v. Reader Reports Topics include: Reader reviews--Lack of MAPI support and other features found in Outlook 2001 Requires Exchange 2002 SP or later--won't work with v5.5 Problems with calendaring, suggestions for getting

Entourage Error 4362

January 6, 2004 David Glue I am a Mac admit here who also experiences the Entourage password problem. The first time a folder or the In Box is accessed it has to sync. He now believes that he has stumbled upon a bug and a workaround: Ever since installing the Entourage for Exchange update, I've been unable to synch events originated in Entourage with The Console app should show something to clue in to what has gone wrong.

Just locks up with a spinning color wheel. I'm trying to hit both the Mac and the Microsoft camps. Contains expert solutions , tips , tricks and explanations to frequently asked terms/questions. Entourage Error 3253 They suggested clean install of Office X (use remove Office if you have to which is on the value pack): Boot into safe mode (Shift at restart) and isolate the machine

Office 2008 has a bigger list of bug fixes, including an issue saving files in the older .doc format (Word 97-2004 format) that are moved to Windows. Entourage Error 17099 The update includes security improvements as well as other types of fixes for Entourage 2004 and PowerPoint 2004. Thinking the problem solved, I added another event in Entourage, only to find that it did not synch, and threw the same error I've been seeing all along. This is just too bizarre but, by accident, I think I found the bug.

For others, however, that still doesn't resolve it. Entourage Error 17897 It seems I would need to provide Keychain with a Personal Information Exchange certificate (.pfx) that my IT department will not give away. If it finds any it doesn't like it tends to "crash". Today I trashed the com.apple.LaunchServices.plist as well as, LSApplications, LSClamedTypes, and LSSchemes.

Entourage Error 17099

March 29, 2005 -- Microsoft has posted the .PST Import Tool for Entourage 2004 as a free download. useful source For IT administrators, the update will provide more control over saving chats at an organizational level. Entourage Error 4362 It will however act like MAPI in that it will pull a message down as soon as it comes to the mailbox. Entourage Error 4363 I have tried to set it up different ways and also just like our Windows clients.

August 7, 2003 Tom Hesser is more optimistic: I have been eagerly awaiting the 'so-called' Exchange compliant version of Entourage. news Lastly I had to go back into Outlook and delete the folder I had moved from my .pst file. In the Free/Busy server field I put the servername/public/. You can see the Excel and Power Point menus briefly before it crashes. Entourage Error 3259

These all seamed to point to some settings on the server side. Was this article helpful? domain name = domain name - com = com. http://csimonitoring.com/entourage-error/entourage-error.php Version History MS security updates for Entourage 2008/WSE and Office 2004/2008.

There are some things I'm happy to see. Entourage Error 3210 August 7, 2003 Evan Mati: We have Exchange and the new update allows us to receive email but not send it. September 23, 2003 Burkhart Office v.X running at 10.1.3.

The update adds enhancements for stability, performance, and security, according to Microsoft.

It's locked out on the first go. Open another folder (for example, Address Book or Calendar). The update also plugs a security hole that left Excel 2004 vulnerable to an attack that could overwrite the Mac memory with malicious code. Entourage Error 3176 This will be an issue. -- I haven't figured out how to get a Read Receipt for read mail.

Once these problems were corrected every thing seams to work OK. The company said that the 11.2.1 Update fixes a bug that could cause data loss when Entourage SP2 tries to synchronize with an Exchange mailbox that was moved to a different The Converter can translate Open XML files (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx) created in Office 2008 for Mac or Office 2007 for Windows. check my blog Like previous posters, my feelings are that this isn't a true Exchange client.

From the Microsoft web site: As an added benefit, all Office X for Mac customers should download this free update (even if they don't get their e-mail from an Exchange Server) The all froze during the splash-screen display of loading modules. Open XML File Format Converter is a free utility that can convert newer Office formats (.docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) to the older formats (.doc, .xls, and .ppt). There are other issues I'm slowly discovering so I'm recommending Entourage on X with certain reservations, to say the least.

August 25, 2003 John Lockwood It looks like Microsoft has made a major change to LDAP support in Entourage with the recent 10.1.4 update to Microsoft Office X. Shortcomings in my opinion are many. This can take a considerable length of time. Still occurs on multiple machines.

You can not post a blank message. August 21, 2003 Bruce Bowden confirms the problem of double-clicking Word files: I was also having a problem with double-clicking on Word files. Public folders server: Address of a public folders server address followed by "/public" LDAP server: Address of a domain Global Catalog server Select: This server requires me to log on Optionally, Another issue involves the Entourage Account Setup Assistant, which has improved handling of SSL and Autodiscover of Public Folders.