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To resolve this issue, remove and then reinstall your networking components. Quit Entourage if Entourage is currently running. Locate the preferences file in the currently active identity. 2. If this works for you, you'll then need to transfer all your mail and data over to the new identity. this content

See Database for rebuild instructions. WORKAROUND To work around this problem, verify that the Exchange account settings are correct, that the network configuration is correct, and that the Exchange server is operating correctly with all the Select: back to top Print error -30876 I am unable to print Notes, Addresses, or Tasks. The only work around I have found is to create a new identity (and subsequent database file), export all of my data from the corrupted database as a .rge file, then https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4246249?start=0&tstart=0

Error 50 Entourage 2008

Your network guy needs to allow relaying on their SMTP server. back to top Error -9705 SYMPTOM: Entourage will not print messages that contain HTML. Now start up Entourage again and hopefully the problem will have been resolved. Place the Preferences file in the Trash on the Macintosh Desktop. 3.

If you would like this behavior to be different, I suggest escalating through PSS to the Active Directory team. This error appears if the search times out, most often because there are so many results that the set cannot be returned by the search time limit. back to top Error 5530 Toggling the SMTP server requires authentication setting in Advanced sending options of the account settings may fix the problem. Entourage Error 3259 Click Next 15) Hi-lite the button to Start using Entourage without any import. 16) Set up your primary email.

Explanation: asmtp01.mac.com more than 50 recipients received from xxx.xxx.xx.xxx [xxx.xxx.xx.xxx] Entourage has no limit. Entourage Error 4362 Usual number is 50 recipients to avoid spammer misuse. I have a screen shot if need be. http://www.office.mvps.org/error/number.html Are you connecting to an Exchange 2000 server? 2.

Powered by the Parse.ly Publisher Platform (P3). Entourage Error 3253 When you encounter this error message, it is probably best to restart the machine. Changes to the event "" could not be saved because you do not have the appropriate permission. we have Entourage X.

Entourage Error 4362

Deleting these old entries in my outbox resolved the problem. http://www.office-forums.com/threads/microsoft-entourage-an-unknown-error-50-occurred.2109656/ Rebuild the Macintosh Desktop. Error 50 Entourage 2008 Via the web, the message appears fine. Entourage Error 17099 back to top Error -17897 Sending email error "Authentication failed.

BTW it does work Could you elaborate on what works? news Method 3 NOTE: This method involves the use of a third party application or software and should be used after methods 1 and 2 are attempted. Visit other IDG sites: Select One CIO Computerworld IDG Connect CSO DEMO GamePro Games.net InfoWorld ITworld JavaWorld LinuxWorld Macworld MacUser Network World PC World The Industry Standard IDG Knowledge Hub IDG Account name: "Username"' Being over ones mailbox quota is a possible cause of this error. Entourage Error 4363

The following is suggested: 1. However, LDAP v3 servers work. In OS 10 open the HD>Applications>Utilities folder and launch the "network utility" 2. have a peek at these guys If you are unable to start Entourage, you might not need to rebuild the database to fix the problem.

Error -36 is often just a read/write error e.g. Entourage Error 17897 To continue to use your MSN account to send e-mail messages, you must also upgrade Entourage X. Explanation: 5.7.1 Unable to relay for / Relaying is prohibited See Glossary for more info on relaying.

Method 1 If your Internet account allows you to interact directly with your e-mail account over the Web, this method is the preferred way to remove damaged e-mail messages from your

The Mac OS must talk to the mail server directly, so make sure the mail server's IP address is in the System Preferences->Network->Advanced [button]->Proxies [tab]->"Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & More info here: Microsoft KB article 889525: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/889525 back to top Error -18500 sync error -18500 exchange User reported this fix: I was running into a similar issue, and ended up Entourage is just passing them along. Entourage Error 3260 Note: Copy the DNS Servers entries to a TextEdit document or someplace where you have them, in case the results are undesirable.

System is G5 running 10.3....all other MS Office apps print fine and all other apps print fine - choosing different printer has no effect.... The Week in Mac Apps: Image editors, a menu bar music app, and more Review: Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6 brings 'Fontspiration' to designers Video: Tim Cook speaks at WSJD Live about Click next 9) Hi-lite No, Keep the items in Entourage after archive. check my blog Members have access to different forum appearance options, and many more functions.

Bear wrote: While looking for an answer to another e-mail problem we're having, I stumbled upon this post, which applies to one member of our office. back to top Error -23012 An error occurred on the IMAP server. See Dealing with bad fonts. Once I was sure I had all the user's mail synced and his locally-stored messages complete, I exported an .olm file, created a new identity as the default and imported the

entirely. Place the IP address in the "receiving mail" section for POP server Make sure you have applied all the latest Office updates. The first thing to try is to see if you need to use Authenticated SMTP. If this is a POP account and a local folder, then go to Tools/Run Schedule/Empty Deleted Items Items Folder.

Furthermore, the error indicates you should be able to do something about it (i.e., change your size limit), so it's doubly problematic. Error code: 16013 " User reported this fix: The fix was checking in the IMAP mail via Apple Mail or the web and looking for any messages that are blank. back to top Error -23016 commandTimeout The specified command action was not completed in the specified time period. flagging, project references etc).

Last resort would be to reinstall the OS. Run Disk First Aid or Disk Warrior and see if that solves the problem. Now when he click on the message, you will be able to delete it. I have a screen shot if need be.

back to top Error -50 An unknown error (-50) occurred One user found this solution: Run "Remove Office", then run Repair Permissions. Thanks This particular error is not listed on the Error Page , but -51 is listed. An unknown error (4361) occurred.