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Entourage Error 30588

For additional help, see Microsoft KB articles related to Entourage and Exchange Microsoft KB articles related to Outlook and Exchange Positive Errors 40, 114, 130, 192, 1025, 1412, 1500, 1503, 2004, This new Word file was able to be attached without any problems. You can use the free "Split Recipients" script to send a mass e-mail in separate mailings automatically: Split Recipients for Entourage 2001 Split Recipients for Entourage X back to top Error Best regards, John McMahon john.mcmahon Accounting 2009 Pro on SQL Server 2008 Express 0 replies , 8/31/2009, 9:32:01 AM Hi there MSOA 2009 Pro (Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 Professional) comes standard check over here

On 6/14/04 4:58 PM, in article BCF389B3.715A%com, "MediaTeks Contact" wrote: -- Mickey Stevens (Microsoft MVP for Office:mac) PowerPoint FAQ featuring PowerPoint:mac: Entourage Help Page: Mickey Reply With An unknown error (4361) occurred. To fix: In Entourage Go to Tools->Accounts Click on the Exchange account in the list Select Edit Account Across the top of the new window are a bunch of selections, select Well mid-2007 has arrived with no news on a release date. http://www.textndata.com/forums/error-30588-when-changing-exchange-268709.html

Users have found these things to cause or resolve the error. This time I was able to send messages from the identity. You can work around it by re-launching Entourage and then editing your account before opening any complex HTML messages. back to top Error -17997 "Unexpected Data was Encountered error Error -17997" Can connect to Exchange server and receive mail, but when sending, the messages hang in the Outbox with error

Last resort would be to reinstall the OS. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? mangumwallstoops Moving email from an old IMAP account to a current POP account 4 replies , 10/5/2004, 12:35:15 AM I have two e-mail accounts in Entourage for Mac OS X: a I first get a preview pane error "This item cannot be displayed in the Reading Pane.

That worked but only AFTER I removed the Office X Identities folder which remained in my user data file after upgrading. Restart Entourage. unknown error (-3211) occurred User reported this fix Dec. 2009: I seem to have stumbled on to the solution. Also, go to Tools -> Accounts, click the Directory Service tab, then delete all of the pre-installed servers.

Unfortunately it's not an Entourage problem, it's Hotmail's. The error seems to be specific to Earthlink connections. P.S. What is the latest on this product? =?Utf-8?B?U3RldmUgQWlyZXk=?= Max and Min date from listing by account no. 3 replies , 4/5/2005, 6:41:38 AM Hi, I have a list of customer account

When the Rebuild dialog box comes up, choose to do a Typical Rebuild. I'm getting the same message and I'm not viewing complex HTML messages. Start Entourage holding down the Option key. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

back to top Error -10810 Basically, it means that the Launch Services framework is misbehaving and is encountering errors when trying to launch an application. http://csimonitoring.com/entourage-error/entourage-error-50.php Dragging and dropping the file into the attachment area did not produce an error, but it also didn't attach the file. Toggle the option indicating "My server requires me to log on," and click OK. See below.

All of the boxes under "Special Folders" in the "Advanced" tab should be unchecked. This person had four blank messages. It's also possible that your recipient has some fierce anti-spam procedures in place that can only accept mail from a 'white-list' that he has created. this content back to top Error 1025 AOL error 1025 "You have not correctly assigned folders." Don't assign any folders.

Most ISPs require advanced settings now for SMTP. Thanks, Scott Scott accounting 0 replies , 3/14/2012, 9:31:42 AM hallo good people... -- CHARSHLEY CHARSHLEY Accounting Express vs Accounting Professional 1 replies , 4/23/2007, 5:46:01 AM Is the Accounting Express Would this be set up by creating an account?

Limited Account gets "Preparing to install... " but Admin acct doe Disabled Administrator account Exchange Account Calendar > HotSync Palm limited user accounts keep trying to install office again Why is

You'll either have to ask for the server to be updates to version 3, or revert to a previous version to remain connected to the server. Rebuild the Entourage database. 2. back to top Error -18595 This error occurs if your company uses Microsoft's ISA Proxy Server, and your Mac is trying to retrieve mail through the Proxy Server. This is only a EXAMPLE with 6 reactions.

Account name: "xxxxxxxx" Error: -17895" This is an Entourage internal error netLostConnectionErr, and is generated when Entourage hits eofErr trying to read a network stream from the server and expects more Is there a way to synchronize Palm T3 and Entourage-Exchange-Calendar? Now the last tier! 7776 x 6 x $1 = $46,656!!!!!! http://csimonitoring.com/entourage-error/entourage-error-5-1-1.php More info here: Microsoft KB article 889525: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/889525 back to top Error -18500 sync error -18500 exchange User reported this fix: I was running into a similar issue, and ended up

back to top Error -17789 Error -17789 means that the LDAP server says it hit the time limit that the Server Admin set. When you encounter this error message, it is probably best to restart the machine. back to top Error -3248 unknown error (-3248) in Exchange Server Contacts or Check Names User reported fix: Somehow, the LDAP default port was overridden and set to zero (0). Narrow the search by entering more specific criteria or increase the maximum number of results allowed in the Edit Account dialog box.

I'd like to stick with a Microsoft product or find plugins for SBA...any help? However, users on Outlook for PC (my version is 2010), cannot read it. back to top Error 4361 Compacting failed. Run Disk First Aid or Disk Warrior and see if that solves the problem.

The most common cause of these errors is a damaged preference file for the currently selected identity.