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If fixing your server settings using the steps above didn’t solve the problem, visit the Gmail Help Forum. You may enter up to 5000 characters. Maybe it's the "multipart/related" MIME type. It may contain confidential and privilegedmaterial. navigate here

Thankyou.**********************************************************************4th Dimension Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)Unsub: mailto:4D_Tech-off-d2/***@public.gmane.org********************************************************************** 3 Replies 23 Views Switch to linear view Disable enhanced parsing Permalink to this page Thread Navigation Balinder Walia 2006-02-04 11:43:32 UTC Dave Step 1: SELECT THE BOX BELOW Select the box next to topic that you wish to subscribe to: Department of Buildings News Application Filing News Plan Examination News Inspections and Signoffs Usually, GAB would kill _had due to a heartbeat miss, which should get restarted by _hashadow. Check out the BUILD APPLICATION documentation on how you go about creating a 'built' server/client. 'built' clients connect to 'their' automatically w/o any connection window. More about the author

This may include errors such as command line too long. 501Syntax error in parameters or arguments. 502Command not implemented. 503Bad sequence of commands. 504Command not implemented for that parameter. 530Not logged These are response codes which the FTP protocol has defined to communicate various states during client-server communication. Click the gear in the top right.

It all started when NYU sophomore Max Wiseltier accidentally replied to a message sent out to 39,979 students reminding them to fill out a tax form. File name not allowed. English (U.S.) Home Submit a Ticket Knowledgebase News Downloads Troubleshooter LoginSubscribe Remember me Lost password Knowledgebase Images with the links using "Multipart/alternative" works fineand gets rid of the AUTH Error 10113 which is what was confusing me. Thanks, James. ********************************************************************** 4th Dimension Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) FAQ: http://www.pdm-inc.com/iNUG/faq.htm Admin: mailto:[email protected] Unsub: mailto:4D_Tech-off-d2/[email protected] ********************************************************************** Next Message by Thread: RE: Error 10113 4DIC Jeff, It is an authentication problem.

HIGHLIGHT AND SHARE Highlight text to share via Facebook and Twitter CURATED FOR YOU Generated from related, personalized and trending articles. Developers may find this list useful when writing their own file transfer procedures using low-level TCP commands. 110Restart marker reply. The remote server responded with an error. E-Mail Update Registration Subscribe to the DOB Newsletter To subscribe to a Department of Buildings newsletter, enter your e-mail address, password, and zip https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6010282?hl=en The Open dialog box shows the Bordo210405.data[103 to 104], etc files as being openable, but not Bordo210405.data.log.

Click Save Changes. File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access). 10061FTP 551 - Requested action aborted: page type unknown. 10062FTP 552 - Requested file action aborted. Check out the BUILD APPLICATION documentation on how you go about creating a 'built' server/client. 'built' clients connect to 'their' automatically w/o any connection window. It's the right MIME type to use if you're embedding images.

The keyword DDNA means Domain Dead Node Alive. http://osdir.com/ml/lang.inug-4d.tech/2004-05/msg01344.html David Vogelsang of NYU's Student Resource Center announced in an email that he has deleted the account that allowed the Reply All madness: I’m the culprit behind the Lyris blunder. Sorry. The routine which sends emails has been working fine for years.

If ($vError=0) $uniqueID:="<"+String(Current date+0)+"$"+String(Tickcount)+"$"+$pSenderEmailStr+">" $vError:=SMTP_AddHeader ($vSmtp_id;"Message-ID:";$uniqueID;1) End if If ($vError=0) HTMLMail_MailID:=String(Current date+0)+"_"+String(Tickcount) $type:="multipart/related; boundary=\"----=_NextPart_001_"+HTMLMail_MailID+"\"; type=\"multipart/alternative\"" $vError:=SMTP_AddHeader ($vSmtp_id;"Content-Type:";$type;1) End if If ($vError=0) DOCUMENT TO BLOB("htmlmail_template.txt";$myblob) PROCESS HTML TAGS($myblob;$myblob) BLOB TO DOCUMENT("htmltest.txt";$myblob) $offset:=0 check over here The node nodename is still up and running with GAB's membership still intact. If ($status<0) ORError ($status;errhp;$cursor;$statement) End if   `clean up If ($cursor#0) $status:=OCIHandleFree ($cursor) $cursor:=0 End if $status:=OCIDescriptorFree (vBlobDescriptor) SET BLOB SIZE(vBlob;0) End if ----------- HTH Koen PS: 4D should at least have So, for instance, when 4D adds a new database engine error to 4D without documenting it, this technique will work. ********************************************************************** 4th Dimension Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) FAQ: http://www.pdm-inc.com/iNUG/faq.htm Admin:

Registration Update Email Address: Password: Confirm Password: Zip Code: I prefer to receive HTML format when available. ITS had disabled around midnight, but there were so many that responded, emails were still in the que. My guess is it just doesn't like the headers (email servers tend to get involved with the headers), so it's not accepting the message. http://csimonitoring.com/email-error/email-error-5-2-2.php If a command is successful, a zero will be returned.

Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Also I wasmissing a few Carriage returns as per RFC standards which would nothave helped.Thanks for you suggestions using alternative as it createdopportunities for me to dig into this subject a It would be great to have an easy way to set a default server and then have a key combination at startup which will bring up said dialog box if desired.

If you recently changed the password for your email address, go into the SuccessWare Preference window and select Email.

In the meantime, here is what you can do to get around the issue: 1) Login to your Google account through your computers web browser. 2) Go to: https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps 3) Click I didn't mean to imply that the "multipart/related" MIMEtype is wrong. As soon as I added a few lines of codeto send html email...........If ($vError=0)$uniqueID:="<"+String(Currentdate+0)+"$"+String(Tickcount)+"$"+$pSenderEmailStr+">"$vError:=SMTP_AddHeader ($vSmtp_id;"Message-ID:";$uniqueID;1)End ifIf ($vError=0)HTMLMail_MailID:=String(Current date+0)+"_"+String(Tickcount)$type:="multipart/related;boundary=\"----=_NextPart_001_"+HTMLMail_MailID+"\";type=\"multipart/alternative\""$vError:=SMTP_AddHeader ($vSmtp_id;"Content-Type:";$type;1)End ifIf ($vError=0)DOCUMENT TO BLOB("htmlmail_template.txt";$myblob)PROCESS HTML TAGS($myblob;$myblob)BLOB TO DOCUMENT("htmltest.txt";$myblob)$offset:=0While ($offset

People began using the email thread to share photos of Nicolas Cage, to ask if they could borrow a pencil and to pose the query: “Would you rather fight 100 duck And btw, there's no need for additional licenses or anything. Just a thought. weblink The current membership for port -h in GAB is membership_1.

Click Next Step. So, for instance, when 4D adds a new database engine error to 4D without documenting it, this technique will work. ********************************************************************** 4th Dimension Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) FAQ: http://www.pdm-inc.com/iNUG/faq.htm Admin: Any review, retransmission, dissemination or reliance upon it, or use of this information by other than the intended recipient is prohibited. Any help will be appreacited on this subject. ------------------------ Best Regards Balinder Singh Walia Open Source Internet Developer M: 07944239545 E: [email protected] W: http://balinderwalia.com This email and any attached files are

You may need to enter your password for your other email address. We only have one 4D Server as I'm sure is the case with a great many other installations. I think you'll get the general idea and hope you can get it to work for your needs. ----------- `ORInsertBlob C_TEXT($1;$2;$4;$table;$key_column;$blob_column) C_TEXT($3) C_BLOB($5) C_TEXT($statement) C_LONGINT($status;$cursor) C_POINTER($rlenp;$rcodep) C_LONGINT($bind;$define) C_TEXT(xKey) C_LONGINT(vBlobDescriptor) C_BLOB(vBlob) $table:=$1 That will work with or without 4D's password system and you get the added benefit of automatic client updates should you decide to move up to say 2004.3 or better.

Type in your current password. Share this: Vivian is a Gmail expert and the author of this help page. Requested file action successful (e.g., file transfer or file abort). 227Entering Passive Mode (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2). 230User logged in, proceed. 250Requested file action okay, completed. 257"PATHNAME" created. 331User name okay, need password. 332Need Part of HuffPost MultiCultural Veritas™ Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) × VERITAS SEND FEEDBACK Toggle navigation (current) PRODUCTS Overview Backup and Recovery Business Continuity Storage Management Information Governance MY SORT

details I start to get error 10045 (10045 SMTP 553 - Requested action not taken: mailbox name not allowed.) * I have tried three different types of Authentication in 4D Internet I'm on 4D 2004.2 with an eMac server and 100% Citrix Windows clients (spread across 3 Citrix servers). Platform: Select platform AIX 4.3.3 (POWER) AIX 5.1 (POWER) AIX 5.2 (POWER) AIX 5.3 (POWER) AIX 6.1 (POWER) AIX 7.1 (POWER) AIX 7.2 (POWER) HP-UX 11i v1 (IA-64/PA-RISC) HP-UX 11i v2 View your news homepage.

That in fact is a great addition to 4D server/client 2004 that seems to have gone under the radar. Get notifications about ASLs/APMs, HCLs, patches, and high availability agents As a registered user, you can create notifications to receive updates about NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans, NetBackup hot fixes/EEBs I didn't mean to imply that the "multipart/related" MIMEtype is wrong.