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Ebay Error Code 90002


The modem is in use by another process or user. -99900 Misc. Long error: XML Error Text: "replaceable_value". 9 Serious Error Short error: Integer value supplied for input "replaceable_value" is out of range. This means we no longer support the object for any schema version. Long error: You have sent a value in the (or ) tag, please send the value in the (or ) tag. 340 Serious Error Short error: Invalid page number. http://csimonitoring.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-90002.php

Errors N 12043 ERROR_INTERNET_POST_IS_NON_SECURE: The application is posting data to a server that is not secure -99900 Misc. Long error: Please make sure the part number contains only letters and numbers. 900 Serious Error Short error: SMP is unavailable. However, depending on the cause or nature of the warning, you may want to resolve the problem. Long error: The category is not valid, select another category. 115 Serious Error Short error: Reserve price too high. http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/reference/ebay/errors/errormessages.htm

Ebay Error Code 124

Long error: Invalid . Errors N -81618 The port is not open. -99900 Misc. Errors N 12037 ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_DATE_INVALID: SSL certificate date that was received from the server is bad. Long error: Calculated Shipping rates are not available for packages over 150 pounds. 713 Serious Error Short error: Invalid insurance option for Actual Rate Shipping.

Some of the content being viewed may have come from unsecured servers -99900 Misc. Long error: An email address specified is a duplicate of one already in use. 786 Serious Error Short error: Unknown error. Choose a different category or select a new payment method. 838 Warning Short error: Ineligible immediate payment SellingFormat. Ebay Address Book Error 1050 Errors N 900 Content not well formed.

Last Jump to page: « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Similar Threads eBay Turbo Lister 2.0 Exporter Support Thread By numinix in forum All Other Contributions/Addons Replies: 215 Last Post: Errors N -81713 No active ISDN lines are available. -99900 Misc. Long error: Your next bid amount will exceed or equal the Buy It Now price. https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/guides/ebayfeatures/Basics/Call-ErrorHandling.html Errors N -80023 Data comporession failed -99900 Misc.

Errors N -41004 No data is available. 41004 WINSOCK_ERROR Y -41003 Non-recoverable error has occurred. 41003 WINSOCK_ERROR Y -41002 Host not found. Ebay Error 110 Need help? Errors N -81630 The port was disconnected due to hardware failure. -99900 Misc. Errors N -80016 Internal Scheduler creation failure. -99900 Misc.

Ebay Error 25002

Errors N -90008 Internal Playback Error - INET_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND. -99900 Misc. page Errors N 12024 ERROR_INTERNET_NO_CONTEXT: context value was supplied. -99900 Misc. Ebay Error Code 124 Errors N 400 Bad Request -90400 Bad Request Y 401 Unauthorized -90401 Unauthorized Y 402 Payment Required -90402 Payment Required Y 403 Forbidden -90403 Forbidden Y 404 Page Not Found -90404 Ebay Error Code 1012 Errors N 30004 Bad status flag passed to fceStatus. -99900 Misc.

Long error: The item cannot be listed or modified. this contact form Long error: Your application encountered an error. Errors N -80008 Agent could not shut down the engine even with force. -99900 Misc. Long error: The UserId "replaceable_value" is invalid. Listing Error Ebay Paypal

Long error: The input tags or are not allowed in real estate category. Errors N -81683 ERROR WRITING DEVICETYPE. -99900 Misc. Search Help Internal/External Error Code Listing Keynote agents for all services report errors encountered during measurements. http://csimonitoring.com/ebay-error/ebay-api-error-90002.php I noticed that before submitting the listing in the ALP admin, there was a picture in the description.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total) Author Posts July 23, 2014 at 11:08 pm #5193 BenjieBlocked Error: (#90002) soap-fault: Input data is invalid. Parent Message Id Is Missing Ebay Errors N -81603 Caller's buffer is too small. -99900 Misc. Errors N 9 dsNoToneMethod -99900 Misc.

Long error: The transaction is not processed. 873 Warning Short error: Unable to create checkout transaction.

Long error: The Selling Manager Pro application is currently unavailable. 901 Serious Error Short error: Invalid Unit Cost Currency. That's a good question. Errors N -81672 Cannot read the device name from the media .INI file. -99900 Misc. Error Code-50023 Paypal Customizing Your Application's Error Handling Abilities An application can use any combination of the error properties for its own error handling.

Failed Y -71304 Invalid link -1010 Nav. Long error: Sorry, but you cannot get access to seller payment address for privacy reasons. 505 Serious Error Short error: Invalid payment method selection. November 2006 #2 Alexander Moderator Registriert seit: 22. http://csimonitoring.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-code-240.php Errors N -80030 Target exceeded retries -99900 Misc.

Long error: Contradictory shipping locations were specified, or, shipping locations were specified with AutoPay turned on. Long error: Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account. 121 Serious Error Short error: Your account has exceeded the limit. Errors N -70024 A function in the Playback Engine received invalid arguments -99900 Misc. Errors N 16 dsBadPool -99900 Misc.

Long error: Large packages cannot be shipped using USPS Express Mail or First Class Mail. 723 Serious Error Short error: Invalid package size for the selected shipping method. These are intended to help you distinguish the context of errors more easily when a response contains multiple errors. Please refresh the meta-data. Errors N 12160 ERROR_HTTP_NOT_REDIRECTED: The HTTP request was not redirected. -99900 Misc.

if ( $error->getErrorCode() == 1047 ) { // change status from Error to Warning to allow post processing of this error $res->setAck('Warning'); $this->handle_error_code = 1047; $longMessage .= '

'. 'Note: Listing status Until you turn on eBay Checkout, your items will have CIP+ disabled. 906 Serious Error Short error: eBay Motors category not supported. Another benefit is that the application can display errors that are more meaningful to the end-user, who will likely not know about the errors that could occur. Long error: The item specified in your input is invalid, not activated, or no longer in our database. 238 Serious Error Short error: Invalid payment term(s) specified.

Long error: The auction currency specified does not match the auction currency for the selected site. 96 Serious Error Short error: Contradictory shipping terms. The valid tax should be a number greater than 0. 420 Serious Error Short error: Your category selection is inconsistent. Errors N -80000 Engine Restarted -99900 Misc. In order to submit a scheduled listing you need to have a credit card on file or Direct Pay agreement with eBay.

These errors need to be handled in different ways. Errors N -70312 Null pointer encountered. -99900 Misc. One possible cause can be bad format. 514 Serious Error Short error: Invalid shipping payment option. It also uses a separate database so you don't have to worry about upgrade problems. 2a.