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Long error: The Adult category selected is not valid for a BIN item. 777 Serious Error Short error: Invalid or missing account level. I have enquiries out to BMW in Germany, two places in the UK and one in Australia... To subscribe go to http://pages.ebay.com/selling_manager_pro 890 Serious Error Short error: GroupID not found. Only eBay Administrator can use this tag for this request: replaceable_value. 799 Serious Error Short error: Subtitle is limited to 55 characters. http://csimonitoring.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-code-240.php

More information. 924The respective Item Specifics are invalid and have been dropped. 930The XML request did not contain values for or . Long error: A hold has been placed on your eBay account. Firmware modifications and live modifications are 2 different feature of Pinball-Browser : 1- Firmware modifications : you can modify a firmware on your PC to change static settings only (songs, images, Fair 2015 VAGKRAFT BERLIN KLASSIK 2016 ~ Island Tour NOPI NATIONALS Supershow - Atlanta - Sept 22-23, 2012 - Atlanta Dragway Fall VW & Audi Show and Go @ Englishtown's Raceway http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/reference/ebay/errors/errormessages.htm

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Long error: Please enter a valid email address. 404 Serious Error Short error: Your email address cannot be greater than replaceable_value characters. About .02-.04 per mile. Long error: No XML entity was found in the XML request. 20 Serious Error Short error: No entity. And then stopped it at the completion.

Long error: Please make sure the product name does not exceed replaceable_value characters. 895 Serious Error Short error: Product name is not alphanumeric. This version allows you to modify your adjustments and your high scores in a jiffy : just click on 'set', and that's it, your modifications are immediately stored into your pinball The Website: The website is pretty rough right now. Ebay Error Code 70020 As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them below and I’ll do my best to get them answered.

Long error: You must specify an address value to change/add address. 390 Serious Error Short error: Invalid Address. For international sites, the valid values are 0, 1, 2 and 4. 332 Serious Error Short error: Your account has not been created. The pod by itself is 1.10oz, there is no difference between runner & multisport mode, it's just firmware (except barometric altimeter version). Obviously, things could change, and also obviously, since this is from them - it's not something I can independently validate from a functionality standpoint.

Note that you can both expand the chart, as well as create your own comparison chart against other models that I’ve reviewed here. Ebay Error Code 601 Because I want to be transparent about my reviews, once my evaluation period with the TomTom units has elapsed, I send it back to TomTom in the Netherlands. CycleNutz said called Gerbings and they said the dual was just two singles in one housing, so there was no reason for this to not work. Long error: There is a problem in our data records (unknown site replaceable_value).

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Goals Mode: The Goals mode allows you to specify a goal (time, distance or calories) and then receive a chart indicating your progress towards that goal during the run (it’s specific a fantastic read They didn't know why, but one engineer had confirmed it was different. Ebay Error Code 80000 Long error: The category is not valid, select another category. 115 Serious Error Short error: Reserve price too high. Ebay Error Code 80016 If you’re outside the US, I’ve got links to all of the major individual country Amazon stores on the sidebar towards the top.

Long error: You have sent a value in the (or ) tag, please send the value in the (or ) tag. 340 Serious Error Short error: Invalid page number. http://csimonitoring.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-code-90002.php Long error: Contradictory shipping locations were specified, or, shipping locations were specified with AutoPay turned on. Long error: Unknown error. 797 Serious Error Short error: Must be super-user to use this tag. The distance on my unit looks a bit funky because it’s a 33-meter pool, being displayed in yards. Ebay Error Code 70049

Long error: A description is required. 107 Serious Error Short error: Category is not valid. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.You can click here to Subscribe without commentingYour name:E-mail:Add a picture 1,555 Comments Krispijn Scholte July 1, 2013 at 9:12 am #1 Thank you for The cycling mode includes additional data fields that aren’t available in other modes, primarily around ascent and cadence: Here’s the total listing of data fields that you can display/configure in cycling have a peek here For example, when you upgrade to a newer version, all your high scores are lost; with this feature, you can set them back PreviousNext1 ... 17181920212223242526... 44There are 2186 posts in

Thanks Boxer Boy. Ebay Error Code 8000 By default, this data will likely be wrong, because your wheel size will likely be incorrect. On the speed/cadence sensor side, this is really just limited to the Wahoo Blue SC speed/cadence sensor.

I look forward to the completion of this thread.

This looks like a nice solution: http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/MODULE-CONVERTISSEUR-RS232-VERS-WIFI-SERIAL-TO-WIFI-ETHERNET-HLK-RM04-/321270436344?pt=FR_YO_MaisonJardin_Bricolage_ElectroniqueComposants&hash=item4acd35d1f8&_uhb=1 Haven't tried it myself, but it should work... 000 #1030 2 years ago UFO Disloid Pinside member Unknown City 2y 10k 49 2 These tags are not allowed for eBay Motors items. 468 Serious Error Short error: Pagination Required. A reminder that your email address on your account must be valid and working to receive the reset request. Ebay Error Code 70205 When I talked to Palo Alto, we were mostly discussing electronic components.

And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. Long error: If value is 2, you must supply and . 331 Serious Error Short error: Invalid value for counter style. Below: The Garmin FR610 @ 4.00mi, the TomTom @ 4.09mi Below: Garmin FR610 @ 10.05mi, the TomTom @ 10.12mi Next, looking at pace stability, I find the unit quite good. Check This Out Sign up for a Pinside account, or sign in if you already have one. © 2001-2016 Pinside.com All rights reserved.

Long error: Contradictory shipping terms specified. In fact, attempting to disguise the intention or function of a listing's source code with HTML or JavaScript violates eBay policy. In particular, you can backup your current configuration and restore it later. Long error: Invalid Country ID. 285 Serious Error Short error: Must list through eTopps.

Long error: Duplicate API call with the same transaction id "replaceable_value" and payment status "replaceable_value". 872 Serious Error Short error: Error processing the API call. would it be possible to use some sort of wireless connection, so you wouldn't have to remove the BG to connect? Long error: Feedback for this user was not found. 229 Serious Error Short error: Feedback for this user was not found. Long error: To list in 2 categories, please specify 2 different categories. 198 Serious Error Short error: List in multiple categories is not supported.

This is very typical of most products I receive early in the release cycle. There are a few areas where I’m not a huge fan of the implementation. RSS Tweet Pinball-Browser : Customize your game ! 510 Topic is favorited by 510 Pinsiders. Long error: Insurance included in S&H is not a valid insurance option for Actual Rate Shipping. 714 Serious Error Short error: Invalid value provided for weight major.

This comes a bit from the fact that the ‘joystick’ controller pad is lower than the face of the watch, thus a lot of thickness is moved from that area to I had updated it with an 3.1 version EPROM recently, so that's what version of the EPROM I have. 000 #1006 2 years ago GLB astaroth Pinside member Milan 2y All Rights Reserved. This caused me to suspect it wasn’t accurately capturing the faster running – and in fact, looking at the pace, I saw exactly that – an offset.

Long error: You must specify a name value to change/add address. 380 Serious Error Short error: Name too long. It works the same for heart rate as well. It's so much easier to do all these setting from my PC, especially since all settings are erased when upgrading the SW. Can the new image be burned on a chip and swapped out?

Long error: You have entered invalid start price or Buy It Now price. 308 Serious Error Short error: Invalid category/listing type combination.